Details of the scheme

”Pursuing Excellence and Beyond”

Youth Leadership Award Scheme (2017)

The scheme is organized by Fung Hon Chu Education Trust Fund and Man Kwan Education Fund for supporting local education and encouraging talented and excellent students to study hard and keep progressing in order to be outstanding people contributive to society. As the scheme was first implemented in 2013 with great success in a pilot mode with primary school students in Kwon Tong / Sai Kung, Yuen Long / Tin Shui Wai as targets, it has been carried out in all districts of Hong Kong with alternating primary and secondary school students as biyearly targets. This year, the Hong Kong Primary School Award Scheme would be implemented in which students granted with scholarships could attend various learning activities, enrich their knowledge and broaden their horizons; there would also be extended learning activities after award-presentation in which award-winning students could share what they learn with each other in a reunion. Judging committee members would select three students with awards to attend local or overseas youth conferences for further exchanges and activities through which they could further broaden their horizons and develop their leadership skills.

Award Scheme Committee:

Fung Hon Chu Education Trust Fund (members: Mrs. Julia Fung (Chairwoman), Mrs. Fanny Lam Fan Kit Fong, Dr. Li Yuet Ting, Mr. WAN Hing Yuen, Mr. Wong Kai Man, Representatives from EDB)

Man Kwan Education Fund (members: Dr. Li Yuet Ting (Chairman), Professor Tam Man Kwan, Ms. Yung Lai Chun, Mr. Cheung Chi Man, Mr. Lui Chi Hong, Mr. Wong Wing Tung,)

Theme: Pursuing Excellence and Beyond

Objective: Supporting talented and excellent students in their learning and development and encouraging outstanding students to keep progressing and broaden their horizons and minds in order to be outstanding people contributive to society

Target group: P.4 to P.6 students in primary schools in Hong Kong


  • All participants would be awarded a certificate of attendance from the organizer.
  • Each prizewinner would be awarded a scholarship of HK$5,000 and prize certificate. (Quota: 60)
  • All participants entering into stage two but cannot be awarded a scholarship of HK$5,000 would also be awarded a scholarship of HK$1,000 and prize certificate.
  • Judging committee could award prizes to students with outstanding performances in various extended learning activities.
  • At most three prizewinners could be recommended by our judging committee and sponsored within the following year to attend local or overseas youth forums or international competitions. Prizewinners could choose activities of their own choices but must be approved by the scheme committee of their eligibility for their sponsorship. The actual amount of sponsorship would be determined according to the needs of the activities joined by prizewinners with maximum amount of sponsorship offered to each prizewinner not exceeding HK$10,000

* The judging committee reserves the right of final decision on the quota of prizes actually granted.

Members of judging committee: Fung Hon Chu Education Trust Fund + Man Kwan Education Fund + Representatives from EDB + Scholars from tertiary education + Representatives from communities

Extended learning:

In order to provide chances for reunion of prizewinners and generate mutual learning, the organizer would carry out the following extended learning activities for all prizewinners:

  • Attending at least once the visits or learning activities organized by the organizer
  • Attending at least once the leadership training camp organized by the organizer
  • Attending at least once the youth forums or lectures organized by the organizer with content like coping with adversity or seminars for successful people sharing their experience/ seminars for sharing fruits of their works.

(Prizewinners must attend the leadership training camp and Prizing Ceremony organized by the Scheme Committee in order to win the scholarship and prize certificate)

Procedures of the scheme:

Stage One

  • Participants must be full time primary school students.
  • Participants must be nominated by the principal of his/her school and supported by his/her parent or guardian; (At most 2 students could be nominated by each school)
  • Participants must fill in a form (about 500 words) of introducing themselves with respect to their personal and holistic development (leadership, creativity, talents and social services) in which experiences and achievements in the past and the ways they intend to use the scholarship could be shared.
  • Participants could include attachments in their registration forms to justify judges’ recommendation.
  • The judging committee would select outstanding ones from participants for stage two assessment and selection

Stage Two:

  • All participants entering into stage two must attend assessment and selection process and would be informed individually by the organizer.
  • The names of participants entering into stage two would be published on the organizer’s website on 28thApril 2017
  • Dates of assessment and selection: 13th May 2017 (Venue: QualiEd College, time:                                                                                              9:00-12:30)

27th May 2017 (Venue: Pak Kau College, time:                                                                                                              9:00-12:30)

  • Assessment and selection criteria based on the results of participants’ “case analysis” and “interviews”; Participants entering into the stage two must complete the assessments specified by the organizer according to the specified date and time.
  • Assessment includes four major areas: leadership, creativity, talents and social commitment.
  • Assessment would be done according to participants’ overall performances

Judging committee would select 60 prizewinners from participants in stage two

Scheme Workflow:

6th March 2017 Registration begins
April 2017 Stage one assessment and selection
May 2017 Stage two assessment and selection
7th October 2017 afternoon Prizing Ceremony

 Methods of registration:

Participants should fill in the registration form (registration forms are available at the following address: QualiEd College, 2, Kan Hok Lane Tseung Kwan O or Pak Kau College, 51 Tin Wah Rd, Tin Shui Wai, N.T., Hong Kong; or download from the website of the scheme), together with a self-introduction article (about 500 words) or supporting documents for assessment and selection (if any), and mail them to Pak Kau College (fax number: 24471924) or QualiEd College (fax number: 27069906).

The deadline of registration: 10th April 2017 (Monday)



Phone: 2448 2960 Pak Kau College Miss Chan Hoi Yee / 2706 6969 QualiEd College Mr Wong Kin San