Organization Profile

The sponsor : Fung Hon Chu Education Trust Fund

The Fung Hon Chu Education Trust Fund (Trust Fund thereafter) was set up by the late Mr Fung Hon Chu in 1993 as a charitable trust.  Under the broad objective of promoting education and any other related activities considered beneficial to education in Hong Kong, the Trust Fund has focused on the promotion of gifted education over the years.  The current initiative is another project sponsored by the Trust Fund with the aim of nurturing talents for the local community by encouraging and supporting students in their pursuit of excellence and broader horizons.

Current members of the Trust Fund are:

Mrs. Julia Fung (Chairwoman)

Mrs. Fanny Lam Fan Kit Fong

Dr. Li Yuet Ting

Mr. WAN Hing Yuen

Mr. Wong Kai Man

Mr. Yip Yam Wing, Stephen (Representatives from the Education Bureau of the HKSARG)

Co-organizer : Man Kwan Education Fund

“Man Kwan Education Fund” was an approved charitable institution founded in November 2000 by veteran educators, Professor Tam Man Kwan and Ms. Yung Lai Chun. With its motto, “ALL ARE EDUCABLE”, the fund has always been devoting itself to helping diligent students of the three schools under its supervision through awards and financial support. Recently, the fund also expanded its award schemes for supporting communities. The award schemes, “Children in Tin Shui Wai” and “Pursuing Excellence and Beyond” co-organized for the first time with Fung Hon Chu Education Trust Fund, are established precisely for encouraging more talented and outstanding students to keep moving forward and progressing.

Current members of “Man Kwan Education Fund”:

Dr. Li Yuet Ting (Chairman)

Mr. Cheung Chi Man

Mr. Kong Hon Sum

Mr. Lui Chi Hong

Professor Tam Man Kwan

Mr. Tam Wah Hon

Mr. Wong Wing Tung

Ms. Yung Lai Chun